With NWSA certifications becoming a requirement for all tower technicians, Lee Antenna is now offering the NWSA practical exam at our indoor location at 3050 Main St. Springtown, PA 18081.


NWSA TTT-1  PRACTICAL EXAM               (Mon-Fri 7am-6pm)                             $450

NWSA TTT-2  PRACTICAL EXAM              (Mon-Fri 7am-6pm)                             $450

**Scheduling must be made a minimum 48hrs in advance. Practical exams are scheduled in 2.5 hour blocks. Prices shown include the fees to NWSA.


The NWSA certification is a two part testing process including a Computer-Based Testing (CBT) exam and a Practical exam. These tests may be performed in either order. Application for the CBT testing can be found here: 


We recommend any candidate wishing to prepare for the NWSA certification exam, utilize the study materials listed in the Candidate Handbook and carefully review the Knowledge Areas listed there.

If your organization is interested in preparatory training we will be scheduling one day TTT-1 Workshops that will include classroom and hands on training covering: Job Logistics, Climbing & Fall Protection, Hoisting Equipment & Rigging, Telecom Structures, Antennas, and Mounts, Appurtenance Installation & Maintenance, Equipment & Special Operation 

What to bring to the Practical Exam

  •        Photo ID
  •        Full body tower harness (ANSI Z359 compliant)
  •        Positioning device
  •        Twin leg fall arrest lanyard (ANSI Z359 compliant)
  •        Hard hat (ANSI Z89)
  •        Work boots
  •        Gloves (TTT-1 optional; TTT-2 required)
  •        Eye protection/safety glasses (ANSI Z87)
  •        All PPE must pass inspection including legible tags

Please Schedule with:

Tom Marino